Brochure: Petrotechnical Services for EOR

Date: 3/9/2012

Download: Petrotechnical Services for EOR (10.25 MB PDF)

From candidate screening to full-field implementation

Schlumberger petrotechnical services for EOR include access to a global network of experienced recovery experts and senior geoscientists who complement your in-house resources to address recovery enhancement projects of every kind, identify and mitigate project-decision risks, and maximize ultimate recovery.

Increase recovery factors to ensure your EOR success

Schlumberger has performed full-field EOR evaluations and development planning around the world, including in clastic, carbonate, and dual-porosity naturally fractured reservoirs. Our enhanced field-development design incorporates monitoring and control systems for better sweep efficiency—and better understanding of your reservoir's behavior.

Customize programs to fit every objective

Our teams work with yours to identify the measurable parameters calibrate the full-field reservoir model, and establish a pre-EOR-based case against which progress can be tracked over time. A customized and cost-effective monitoring design and evaluation plan can be customized to each field’s enhanced production methods.

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