Vx Multiphase Well Testing Technology

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Multiphase flow rate measurements without prior fluid separation

Vx multiphase well testing technology for advanced multiphase flow rate measurements lets you measure oil, gas, and water flow rates without prior separation. Metering equipment with Vx technology is small, light, and has no moving parts, making it essentially maintenance free.

Nuclear detector technology

The technology is based on sophisticated flow models and uses nuclear detector technology, which gives high-quality, dynamic multiphase flow measurements. A Barium-133 source and a smart detector designed specifically for this application operate at as low as reasonably achievable nonhazardous gamma ray energy levels for field operators. The highly reliable well test data obtained helps diagnose production anomalies continuously, resolve problems more quickly, and produce wells more efficiently.

Multiphase technology leaders

In 1998 Schlumberger and Framo Engineering merged their technologies and manufacturing expertise to extend Vx multiphase metering technology to subsea environments. These subsea systems and expertise are now part of OneSubsea, a Cameron & Schlumberger company.

Vx Surveillance

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Vx Technology for Heavy Oil

Heavy oil

Use Vx multiphase metering technology to meet heavy oil challenges.

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